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In the Browser, a Web Interface

Certainly – “we” developers do love to do things in “vi” (an Editor). Modifying “config/” and “config/rules.json” directly for us is like seeing Blondes in the Matrix code for the other one.


2020-04-14 06:41

But – certainly – the very most people wanting to use OTDT to simplify and more efficiently automate their Smart Home do not have any relation to things like “JavaScript”, “JSON” or similar stuff. (Yes, we have to admit that, although we had paid much attention to have specially the “rules.json” stay very simple.)

Anyway, from now on there is a Web Interface integrated into OTDT having it accessible in the local network in the browser.

Specially defining rules – triggers (the “this”), transformations, actions (the “that”) – is much more user friendly within the web interface. And of course the web interface is much more easier to access than connecting to the appliance via SSH.

Certainly using SSH and modifying the files directly is still working. Simply choose the best way for you to define the rules for your Home Automation, Building Automation or (Production, …) Site Automation with OTDT.

Probably (very, promised) we will put some more features into the web interface.