Getting Started

Getting Started

Beside running OTDT on own machines we are currently preparing an OTDT appliance based on Raspberry Pi (with current testing around 2000 reading points a second). Check out our website regularly.


2022-01-01 12:00

Install OTDT

To install OTDT on your machine simply follow the steps below.

  • Get OTDT for your machine.
    • Currently available:
      • x86_64
        • Linux
        • MacOS
        • Windows
      • arm64
        • Linux
      • armv71
        • Linux
  • Copy the file otdt-<platform>-<os> into a folder of your choice and change to it.
  • Create a folder named “config” and a file “config/“.
  • Create a folder named “rules” and a file “rules/rules.json“.
  • Start OTDT.

We are – certainly – working on having the mentioned files created and prefilled on first run.